St Peter's, Worfield
Stained glass window in St Peter's, WorfieldStained glass window in St Peter's, WorfieldSt Peter's, WorfieldSt Peter's, WorfieldStained glass window in St Peter's, WorfieldSt Peter's, WorfieldSt Peter's, WorfieldSt Peter's, Worfield

Thought to have been founded in the Saxon period by Mercian Earl, Leofric (d. 1057), the current church has been in existence since the twelfth century. Original features include the twelfth-century doors which can be seen on the wall above the new meeting room complex.  The nave and the south-west tower date back to the period 1150-1250. The chancel was added in the 13th century and the spire as it currently stands was added to a rebuilt tower in the 15th century. The lower half of the chancel screen is medieval, and you’ll find a medieval parish chest next to an altar adorned by an alabaster reredos that commemorates Victoria’s jubilee in 1887.

The north aisle contains a pair of impressive memorials to Bromley family. The smallest was built for George Bromley (c.1526-1589), an important member of the local gentry, and his wife Joan Waverton (c.1533-1606). The larger was for his son Edward Bromley (1563-1626), MP for Shropshire, and displays Edward and his wife Margaret. His sister Margaret’s funerary monument can be seen in St Andrew’s Church, Quatt. The Lady Chapel contains stunning, modern, stained glass windows. The St Nicholas chapel, in the south aisle, on the other hand, contains restored stained glass from the 14th century. It is the biggest of the churches on the trail and is described by locals as a ‘church that thinks it’s a cathedral.’


The church is open during daylight hours. Parking is just on the road outside the church, and it’s a short walk through the churchyard to the main doors. You will find toilets inside the meeting room complex.


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