Charlemagne: A European Icon

This network project examines the ways in which Charlemagne material from medieval chronicle and epic has been appropriated by different linguistic cultures of medieval Europe; as a supplementary question the project will investigate the later reception in these cultures of the adapted medieval material, as Charlemagne continues to be considered a symbol of a wider cultural identity within Europe.

Project leaders: Marianne Ailes, University of Bristol (PI); Philip Bennett, University of Edinburgh

 The main outcome of the project will be a number of volumes published in the Bristol Studies in Medieval Cultures series.

Most of these volumes will be written by a research group under the leadership of two editors.

Charlemagne in England (Marianne Ailes, Phillipa Hardman)

Medieval Francophonia and Occitan (Marianne Ailes, Philip Bennett)

The Hispanic World/Iberia (Matthew Bailey, Ryan Giles)

Italian (Jane Everson)

The Celtic and Scandinavian Worlds (Helen Fulton, Sif Rikhardsdottir)

Latin (William Purkis, Matthew Gabriele)

Medieval and Early Modern German and Dutch (Albrecht Classen)

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